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My Newest Artwork

This is where you can see the latest artwork I have uploaded. There's lots to explore, so don't just look at these! Have a look through my gallery in depth. I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!

Random Favourites

Random Favorite Artwork

These are some of my favorite pieces randomly selected from other artists... I hope you enjoy them!

What's Your Favorite Art On My Page? 

3 deviants said Elton John sketches
1 deviant said Dog drawings
No deviants said Sculptures/plushies
No deviants said Photography

Elton John Plushies FOR SALE

Check Out My Elton John Plushies!

Hey you! Are you a fan of my art? And an even bigger fan of the legendary Elton John? Then I've got just the cutest thing for you! I have recently begun creating some simply adorable Elton John Plushies for fans and friends like you. These plushies are little felt dolls handcrafted and hand-sewn completely by myself. Some are commissioned work, meaning you can ask me what kind of Elton Plushie(s) you'd like created. OR you can purchase one that's already been made. I am making these plushies for the love of Elton John and to help spread more peace and art out with the world! If you are interested, please head on over to to the plushie website for more details on pricing, shipping, special requests, and more. It will only take you a second to browse and submit a request!

My Love For Elton John

Why Do I Love Elton John?

If you're browsing my page, it won't take you more than a second to notice that I am a BIG fan of Elton John. (Definitely the biggest one on DA!) A lot of people I come across either adore my obsession or find me unhealthy. If you fall under that second category, then perhaps this little background story below will ease your mind!


My journey into becoming a mega Elton John fan began with the way his music captivated me. I first fell in love with his album Sleeping With The Past, for the deep messages and nostalgic music taking me to my past and helping me forget the pain. His songs have helped me move along into the future with love, respect and pride for all and myself. His songs became my inspiration; my constant motivation to push on and succeed things I never thought I could.
If it wasn't for the music that grabbed me, his handsome looks certainly took over as well. I wasn't just infatuated with his looks. I needed his entire mind, heart, soul, and body. I do believe Elton John is the cutest (and sexiest) man alive, and while others may not see it- I blatantly do not care. He is my angel anyways! This man has given me so much pleasure (yes, both mentally and physically) and joy that I can barely even comprehend. He feels like my boyfriend, (as delusional as that sounds for him being so famous and gay) but I only know what my heart tells me... and that is that I was meant to love him.
I have met so many beautiful, kind soul through his music, and made amazing friends all over the globe in places like Russia, England, France, Canada, Italy, Brazil, and more. The Elton John fan community is a largely impressive one, with no set in stone age or requirement to be a fan. His fans are so unique and diverse that it's amazing when we all come together at a concert to marvel at this legendary man. Elton is capable of bringing the world together with songs that tell the story of our lives. He is the voice for every soul with AIDS, every soul in the LGBT community, every soul fighting a drug addiction and social injustice... Elton John is our answer to LOVE! And that is why I desperately adore this man.



Elton John's Sexy Photo Spam

Oh hell yes. I mean look at that face. How do you resist that baby face? Oh yeah, you CAN'T! Hehe, if you're going to view the page of an Elton John obsesser, then you've got to get a little obsessed yourself. Just look at his face so I don't track you down and send you a lifesized cardboard cut out of him, okay? Thank you my friend!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...



RetroReginald's Profile Picture
Brianna Hojnacki
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Bubble Divider R F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl Welcome To Retro Reginald's DeviantART! Bubble Divider L F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girl

Pixel Blue Divider by Momoko-chu Pixel Blue Welcome Banner by Momoko-chu Pixel Blue Divider by Momoko-chu

Hello, and welcome to my DeviantArt! Here you will find all my art of various mediums and styles from traditional art to photography to digital art...
I've got so much here to share!

To introduce myself, my name is Brianna and I'm an 18 year old girl from Michigan. As you can blatantly see, my favorite musician of all time is Elton John, so a lot of my artwork revolves around him! Elton has inspired me very deeply... and if you're actually curious how, scroll down on this page until you see a pink polkadot section saying
"My Love For Elton John". That will tell you more!

In addition to Elton John, I adore dogs and my art is inspired by them as well. I have been a dog fanatic all my life, which did hold me back from making friends in grade school; but I didn't care. I currently work at a pet store and I've been volunteering at dog rescues since 2008, when I was 8 years old. My favorite breeds consist of any breeds falling under the "pit bull" category, Dalmatians, and Toy Poodles.
But in general I love all dogs- big or small.

I'm also an old soul. I have been single all my life because I love older men- they remind me of a time that I just want to go back to, through their values and the way they grew up. I am obsessed with classic rock, rock and roll, 80s pop and 70s disco music. Any music from the 1950s-90s really, but I'm mainly a 70s/80s girl. I also really love nature, the countryside, Michigan and animals. Because of this, I enjoy taking photography of landscapes, plants, pets and other animals. I am your traditional old soul. I bury myself in my bed, lock the door, and lie in a dimly lit room. Then I spin a vinyl record, read a book from 1974 and burn some incense with candles. Old things and older people comfort me, and anything of age has immense value to me. It always has and always will!

I have many talents. I could write a story in no time, in case you couldn't tell! I have been writing full blown chapter books since 4th grade, and now I mainly specialize in writing smut (hehe), because it gives me pleasure since writing is only a hobby of mine.
On a more serious note, I have been playing piano since I was 3 years old. I have taken lessons all throughout my life, but I am actually extremely good at playing by ear so reading music never quite clicked for me. When was 15, I joined a large band where we covered many old tunes. We were so good we nearly landed on Fox 2 News, but unfortunely the group split up due to outside limitations.
And last but not least, I am an artist! There's not one artistic thing I can't do! Have a look at my page s'more and see for yourself.
(And yes, I did just say 's'more' to abbreviate 'some more'!)


Stamps That Represent Me

The Stamps That Represent Me!

Gah, everybody loves stamps, right?
They give such an in-depth review of who a person is... at least on my page! I'm 99% for certain that you did not come to my page to merely browse stamps, but if you're too lazy to read my bio, then these little graphics might come in handy. Enjoy!

Sparkly Piano Icon by celiney-chan Purple Lace Divider by LadyMidnightSolace Sparkly Piano Icon by celiney-chan

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Elton stamp by MaRyS90 I Love Elton John Stamp by RetroReginald I love Elton John stamp~ by MetatronsArmy-1039
Elton john Stamp by Heineken79 Elton stamp by MaRyS90 B-b-b-bennie and the jetssss by dalmatianluver
I Believe In Love Stamp by kalot3000 Believe in love by Alpha-D-Song Elton John by renatalmar
Elton John Fan Banner by RetroReginald

Music notes by KibasGirlyGirl MUSIC I LOVE Music notes by KibasGirlyGirl

Poison Glam Metal Stamp 7 by dA--bogeyman KISS Animated Logo Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman Judas priest stamp by Kokkirunningdoctor
Guns n Roses - Stamp by melisnirvana Rolling Stones Fan Stamp by danmesser AC-DC Animated Stamp 9 by dA--bogeyman
Bee Gees Stamp by PurpleTartan KC + Sunshine Band Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman R.I.P. George Michael Stamp by poserfan
Rod Stewart Stamp by waningmoon7 Michael Jackson fan stamp by NatouMJSonic Elvis Presley stamp by Valvador
Steely Dan Stamp by Sanity-Questionable Fleetwood Mac Stamp by rockstarcrossing The Kinks Love Stamp by irishm8
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Poodle stamp by Tollerka I Love Poodles Stamp by Sleepy-Stardust Poodle Stamp by chinarose93
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I love Dobermans by WishmasterAlchemist I love Alaskan Malamutes by WishmasterAlchemist Mutt Love Stamp by cloudrat

Free Red Panda icon by slothkittens ANIMALS I LIKE free icon- bff9 by FreeMapleIcons

Dogs. by Monster-Boar Animal lover. by Monster-Boar Cats. by Monster-Boar
i love dogs stamp by muddyputty Foxes. by Monster-Boar I Love Canines by Siarczek
Wolf Love Stamp by cloudrat .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf Wolf Lover, Stamp by JazzaX
cougar stamp by Aquene-lupetta Cougar stamp by Tollerka I love Cougars by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Jaguars by WishmasterAlchemist Love Big Cats Stamp by PyroStorm I love Lions by WishmasterAlchemist
Rabbit by SmearingSin My first stamp by BubbleCloud bunny love stamp by sweetooth102
I love Manta Rays by WishmasterAlchemist I Love Frogs stamp by OnWingsOfBlue I love Stingrays by WishmasterAlchemist

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CD Stamp by MacabreVampire Stamp: Will Work For Vinyl by Merakhni I Still Use Tape Stamp by TomIannucci
I Heart Vintage 3 by itsrouzy i heart vintage 1 by itsrouzy vintage is my passion by itsrouzy
retro stamp by ego-suicide DO NOT FAV - Retro Gamer Stamp by stamps-club TOTALLY RAD | stamp by TheCandyCoating
Vintage Camera | stamp by TheCandyCoating I Love Lava Lamps- Stamp by Annortha PsychedelicTreasures: Stamp by Mizra

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Michigan Deviant Stamp by Ursa-Bear Detroit Tigers stamp by RWingflyr American Stamp by KillboxGraphics
Chinese Astrology Rabbit Stamp by Loki-Dokie Cancer Stamp by mylastel pink cancer stamp by feline-princess
- Stamp: I like older men. - by ChicaTH Virgin stamp by iTop-edition Virgin Stamp by Spyridon
Pianist by muslma Piano Player Stamp by Drake1 I Play the Piano by SilverNight1996
DAY DREAMER STAMP by XxX-Toxic-Girl-XxX Stamp | Dreamer by CuteSight - Stamp: Dreamer. - by ChicaTH
Floral Lover by itsrouzy Straight and support gay rights by Star-chaser97 LGBT+ Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Traitor to my generation by HiddenxWolf ADHD by TheParanoIIdPsycho ADHD and PROUD by CAlle-Evan
Honestly Lonely Stamp by Kaana-Chan Loneliness Stamp by finalverdict Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
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Exclamation Emote by Gasara STATEMENTS I AGREE WITH Exclamation Emote by Gasara

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Everyone IS Equal by bradleysays Religion Stamp by BlackVioletsAreReal Stamp: Anti-Racist 02 by emerlyrose
Stamp: Keep them OUT by PrincessSkyler I Hit You With Kindness by SuperiLoveCartoons Female Rapists Exist by Gay-Mage-Of-Space
True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Friends stamp by Meddle689 Online friends stamp by Suyy
'Old' Music by cheesylily02 Unashamed Stamp: Music by KisayaMyst Unashamed Stamp: Art by KisayaMyst
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Parental Advisory Stamp by KelpyKrad Parental Advisory by Jake-Townsend Clothing Optional Beyond This Point by zharth
Porn by Stampedes I :Heart: Masturbation stamp by slipzen-stamp Don't Hate Just Masturbate by ultimate-super-mario
Penis Support by TheseKrimzonFlames Penises look scary stamp by cumeoart perverted Stamp by KEArnold
Sex is Natural and Beautiful by CorruptTempest Stamp: The word penis by Riza-Izumi Got Kink? Stamp by dA--bogeyman
I am evil because I was made by sex. by Little-rolling-bean I support naughty stamps by Marsuwai I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk
Naughty by acacin Beautiful, Erotic and Naughty by Wearwolfaa i shower naked stamp by lauren-lovebites


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